Venison (and other meat) Canning

Venison Canning (and other red meats)

With canned meat on your shelves, you have quick meal prep AND you won’t loose a freezer full of meat to a power outage.

Ever lose a freezer full of meat?  Want a versatile, shelf stable, and handy food ready to eat?  Have a hunter in the family?  Like to take advantage of a great price on roast?  This class is for you! 

Learn how to safely pressure can venison and other meats.  Discover all of the uses for canned meat.  It is pre-cooked and fork tender.  Use it as the meat for pulled ‘pork” sandwiches, toss it into soup for a quick stew.  Stir into gravy for a quick meat and potato meal….the options are endless.  Just can meat and you have instant go-to for a great, quick meal. 

At Art of Cookery, a jar of our venison is like gold to us!

Adult $50

Pressure Canning

Pressure Canning…Like a BOSS

Yes you CAN!
Rock your pressure canner!  Learn how to pressure can so you can capture the gourmet delight of every season.   

Chef Valerie has been trained and certified by the Department of Agriculture through its Better Process Control School to teach home canning and has been canning for over 35 years.

It is important to know safe pressure canning and if your canner itself is safe. The product to be canned will be announced as we get closer and will usually reflect what is in season.  Chef Valerie does take specific requests for what will be canned in class.

Learn the differences between pressure canning and water bath canning and when to use which method. Discover many tips and tricks. Product canned will be dependent on available produce, but results guaranteed wonderful.

Make, bring, or meet friends! Students divide the results to take home. Feel free to bring your canner for a brief overview of its safety by Chef Valerie.

Adult On-Site $35

Adult Online $25

Polish Cooking


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In each box below, click on the name of the class you are interested in to see it’s description and schedule.  Remember you can request a class to be scheduled at a time/date that suits your calendar.  Use the Select by Category box to jump around by various topics.  Don’t see a topic of interest?  Make a request, the Chef loves a challenge.

Two Crust Pies

Pie Perfection – Flavor is seasonal

Pie Perfection – Flavor is Customer’s Choice

Mincemeat – Really, give it a try

Real Pot Pie – No Cans/Boxes

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One Crust Pies

Cheesecake Pie

Cream Pie – Flavor varies

Pecan Pie – (old school, real food ingredients, no corn syrup)

Pumpkin Pie Perfection – (from a pumpkin)

Single Crust Pie – Flavor is Customer’s Choice

Quiche – Real men don’t just eat it, they make it!

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Gourmet Pasta Meal

Make a Gourmet Pasta Meal from Scratch

Date Night or Friends Evening Out

Fresh pasta, sauces, and wine… you can’t argue with that combination as it has stood the test of time and will always be a fantastic way to spend an evening.  No boxes of dried pasta, no frozen anything.  You’ll learn how easy and more delicious it can be to make your meal from whole foods and elevate them to gourmet status!

This class is an adult only cooking class where you’ll enjoy a couple complimentary glasses of wine, or you can bring your own favorite wine to enjoy as you learn how to create pasta; such as, ravioli, gnocchi, tortellini, linguine and more.

The class will be different based on season, so you can keep coming back!

  • One time make Spaghetti, Meatballs, Marinara, oven-roasted garlic Crostini, and an Orange-Fennel salad.
  • Another, Fettuccine Alfredo over Acorn Squash with Seared Sausage.
  • And still another, create Spinach & Cheese Ravioli with Franciase sauce, Portabella “steak” and Garlic Bread.
  • In the spring enjoy Asparagus & Snow Peas with Almonds and Poached eggs over Spaghetti.
  • Perhaps the session you come next will be Gnocchi with Pesto served over Bacon Bolognese…the possibilities are endless.

Spread the word and let’s have a pasta party! This session can be attended by vegetarian and carnivorous folks side by side. Chef does need to know in advance what each diet preference is.
Each session includes instructions, complimentary wine, plus the meal. You’ll be able to sit together and dine on your creations and make memories as well! A cooking class AND

dinner….perfect fun.

If you are the first to book a session, you have the option to choose the pasta type, or keep it as listed.

$60.00 per single ticket purchase.
$56 per ticket if purchasing 3 or more tickets. Read More

Lasagna Magnificence

Pasta: Lasagna

Make a STELLAR traditional lasagna all from scratch, even the sauce AND the noodles. 

Discover tips & tricks to cut down time and adjust for your tastes. 

Take a baked 8×8″ lasagna home.

Adult taking baked lasagna home: $45

Adult ticket where 2 people are making 1 lasagna to take home: $37 pp


Single Pastas (making one type of pasta only)

Multiple Pasta (2 kinds of pastas made in class)

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Young Chef Cooking Series – Session V

Kids:  Young Chef Cooking Series

Designed for young people, aged 11 to 15.
This series of classes is designed for young people who are interested in engaging in a deeper understanding of food mastery.  This  is a five session series with the first four lasting 1 1/2 hours and the last one lasting 2 hours:

Session V: Young Chef Skills Demonstration:

In this fifth and final session. Students will be planning and making a full meal that demonstrates their progressive learning over the previous 4 young chef sessions. One adult per student has the option to join the class at the end and dinner is served!

Student aged 11-15:  $60

Adult attending for the meal at the end: $18

Young Chef Cooking Challenge (ages 13-17)

Kids:  Young Chef Cooking Challenge

Designed for young people, aged 13 to 17.
This session is about cooking at a higher level while having fun and feeling comfortable in the kitchen… creating a good meal from random ingredients, the way it was done in days long gone. There was no quick trip to the grocery store for ingredients for that one recipe, meals were prepared based on what was available. 

This is a competition that will be judged by Chef Valerie.  Judging is based on these criteria:  Overall meal plan, Competent kitchen skills, Final Results (taste/cohesive foods). 

Prize is a $25 gift certificate toward a future class and an award certificate.

Participants will be making various dishes for a meal of their own design, and along the way, demonstrating their kitchen skills, like knives, measuring properly and how to select salty, crunchy, sweet, acidic…etc. to enhance flavors.  Valerie guides and assists to ensure the best outcomes and gives tips for skills enhancement.

Each participant will be making an appetizer, a main entrée, and a dessert.  They will need to make 3 of each round, one for judging, and two for themselves and their adult guest (if there is one).

Everyone sits down to dine together on their unique and flavorful meal. One parent/guardian can join the ending dinner for additional $18. Enjoy food, fun, and new friends. A minimum of 3 participants needed to run this session and it only costs $53! Think of that…your teen is getting some great kitchen skills, and interesting and memorable experience, a full hearty and delicious meal.

Student aged 13-17:  $53

Adult attending meal: $18

Soapmaking 102

Keep It Interesting! Soap Making 102

Discover how to create your own unique soap recipe.
So, you’ve taken Keep it Clean! Soapmaking 101.  Now what? 

Learn how to use math and chemistry to change ingredients to create your own soap recipes?  There is quite a science behind soapmaking ingredients.  In this class find out how to be successful at soap making using just about any kind of fats/oils, and liquids.  You will be given charts with math values and will learn how to easily use them to adjust the lye, liquid and fat amounts to vary ingredients and batch sizes.  Discover which fats/oils and additives do what.

You do not make soap in this session, you learn how to develop your own personal soap formulas.  

Adult  $26