Pastas and Sauces

Fresh pasta and sauces… Learn these and become a food hero to those you feed. You can bring your own favorite wine to enjoy as you learn how to make pastas.  Create ravioli, gnocchi, tortellini, linguini and more.  The class will be different each time, so you can keep coming back!  One time make egg noodles and ravioli with alfredo and marinara; the next linguini and gnocchi with lemon cream sauce and a parsley-pistachio pesto, another time it’ll be fettuccini and tortellini with a mushroom Bolognese and brown gravy.  If you are the first to book this class, you can request specific pastas; and they don’t have to be the pairs listed together above. Spread the word and let’s have a pasta party!

Each session includes instructions and samples, plus divide what is made in class to take home. 

You will make two types of pasta and two sauces…AND see how easy it is to make again in your kitchen!

Adult On-Site $40, or $35 each if booking 3 or more

Adult Online $30