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Chef Valerie Hanson Welcomes you!

At ‘Art of Cookery,’ we kindle culinary passions, nurture masterful chefs, and curate extraordinary, globally-inspired culinary adventures. We dream big, inspire culinary creativity, and blend tradition with innovation, setting the stage for a flavorful future.

Experience This

Welcome to ‘Art of Cookery,’ a culinary haven founded by Chef Valerie Hanson in 2009. Our kitchen is a place where culinary dreams come to life, offering a diverse array of classes, from mastering global cuisines and crafting pasta from scratch to honing essential skills like knife mastery and bread baking. Our journey began with a focus on safe food preservation and delicious pies and bread, and over the years, we’ve expanded to encompass a world of culinary experiences.

In addition to our dynamic cooking classes, we hold a retail food license, allowing us to delight your taste buds with a rotating menu featuring exquisite entrees, charcuterie, pies, and convenient meal kits, available twice a month. But our culinary adventures don’t stop there—join us for our unique and thrilling ‘Delicious Demise’ murder mystery events, where Chef Valerie designs menus that tantalize both your palate and your sleuthing skills.

At ‘Art of Cookery,’ you’re not just a student; you’re part of our flavorful family. Join Chef Valerie, assisted by her husband John, in a lively and welcoming environment filled with laughter and shared culinary passions. Come savor the art of cooking with us!

Annual Membership is $65 and includes: 15% off classes and 10% off food menu items.  Additionally, if a member is booked in a scheduled class and they are the only one in it, the class will be held regardless of minimum.  One more thing!  A free Membership event once per year.

Lifetime Membership is $325 and includes: Enjoy a lifetime of culinary joy! Get 16% off classes, 11% off menu items, an Art of Cookery apron, a cookbook authored by Chef Valerie, an invitation to a Member event each year. No minimum for scheduled classes even if you are only registrant.

If you have a desire to have a specific class that isn’t on the calendar, please reach out to us and make a request.  We are likely to be able to accommodate.



In a cute 1917 Bungalow home, Chef Valerie Hanson, opens the door of great foods cooking and food preservation to you.  We are located near downtown Whitehall, walking distance from many lodging opportunities (right behind the White Swan Bed and Breakfast and the Maple Tree Inn, for example).  The address is 312 S. Division Street, Whitehall, MI 49461.


Peruse our site and register today for YOUR unique cooking class or other experiential session.  As a result of years of experience, there are a lot of options from our premium private experiences that are tailored to you, online learning options, or our general sessions that are prescheduled.  You can even request a special interest session that isn’t a topic already listed!

All classes listed on the calendar page are open for registration. But if you are interested in one that doesn’t fit your schedule, because we try to be flexible, contact us.  We may be able to add one for you.  If you prefer a different payment method, just contact us with your registration information.

Also a great cooking vacation! There is no better way to see the character and flavor of an area than through experiencing its food and heritage. Call or text us at 231-740-4065 or email us for more information.

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cooking school