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I Know...It's Been a While

Never in our cooking school history have I (Chef Valerie) been so busy!  The classes are usually well occupied and numerous.  This summer’s kid’s classes are packed and I am adding three more.

What I am leading up to is….I’m sorry there have been so few blog posts this year.

But here one is!

Upcoming Adult Classes

This isn’t a comprehesive list of upcoming classes, but it is a list of the ones with availability.  To see the entire schedule, click here.

Classes with availability are:

How to Series: Great Gravy – July 21st @ 5:15 pm – $29 (Make and take White Gravy & Brown Gravy)

How to Series: Create a Charcuterie Board – July 23rd @ 1:00 pm – $29

How To Series:  The Art of Pasta – July 25 @ 2:00 pm – $25  (a great intro to making all pasta)

Pasta:  Lasagna – July 29 @ 10:00 am – $45 (make the actual pasta noodles and an entire lasagna – take an 8×8 lasagna home too!)  BTW:  July 29 is National Lasagna Day!

How to Series: Convection Cooking – August 3 @ 5:15 pm – $25 (A great way to get comfortable with convection ovens and air frying)

Kid's Classes

Never before has the demand for summer kid’s courses been this huge.  I just added 4 more of the Yound Chef’s Series.  I had to skip session 1 in the interest of time, but am accepting kid’s to start the series with session 2.  They can take a class as a standalone if they have completed the class before it.  For example, I have kids complete the current series through session 3 but had family camping plans making them miss session 4, so I encourage them to pick up at session 4.  

The kid’s classes (all for ages 11 and up) with availabilty are:

Young Chef Session 2- Baking and Pan Frying – July 31 @ 11:00 am – $45

Young Chef Session 3 – Food Safety and Pastry – August 21 @ 11:00 am – $45

Young Chef Session 4 – Knife Skills and Fruits/Vegetables – August 22 @ 11:00 am – $45

Young Chef Session 5 – Skills Demonstration – September 10 @ 1:00 pm – $60

Embracing Freshness and Minimizing Food Waste: Exciting Changes to Our Offerings!

Greetings, food lovers!  As a passionate culinary enthusiast, I have always strived to provide you with the most delicious food options. To further enhance your dining experience and address the challenges I’ve faced recently (such as increased class load and decrease grab n go demand), I am changing our offerings.

Chef Valerie Hanson Welcomes you!

In a commitment to reducing food waste, I have made the decision to discontinue our grab and go options. Unfortunately, due to the limited demand and the short shelf life of these items, I have experienced an increased amount of food going to waste. I believe that it’s crucial to prioritize freshness, ensuring that every dish we serve meets our high standards of quality and taste.

Fear not! I am not abandoning the idea of offering extra dishes entirely. Instead, just shifting my focus to the creative dishes born from our cooking classes.  For example, whenever I have an upcoming class, such as the Quiche class on July 17th, we will announce in advance the availability of a limited number of dishes inspired by that class.

For example, on July 18th, we will have five mouthwatering quiches available for purchase.

These dishes will be prepared with care, showcasing the skills and techniques used in classes.

One more interesting offering. I offer my services as a personal chef to a limited number of households. If you’re looking for weekly meal(s) tailored to your specific requirements,  I’ve got you covered! Simply reach out me so we can discuss foods that satisfy your cravings and dietary needs.

In addition to our personalized household meals, we are delighted to continue to accept orders. Whether you’re craving a delectable pie, a gourmet pizza, charcuterie board, a loaf of our famous sourdough bread, or even something you simply crave (my goulash or pot pie for example!) I can craft the perfect dish just for you. Simply let me know what you’re in the mood for, and we’ll bring your food desires to life.  DO give advanced notice! At least 24 hours please.  You can also order items from our online shop.

I appreciate your understanding and support in this change.

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