In each box below, click on the name of the class you are interested in to see it’s description and schedule.  Remember you can request a class to be scheduled  for a date/time that suits your calendar.   When you see mention of Customer preference, it is an invitation to suggest a topic not listed that interests you.  Use the Select by Category box to jump around by various topics.

Click the Bread Link to see options.  They include:

  • Traditional Breads
  • Sourdough Bread & other sourdough items
  • Sweet Breads
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Click the Pie Link to see options.  They include:

  • Two Crust Fruit Pie Classes
  • Single Crust Pie Classes
  • Savory Pie Classes
  • Miscellaneous and Customer preference pies
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Sweet Treats

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Cake and Other Desserts (that aren't hand held treats or pie or bread)

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