Gourmet Pasta Meal

Make a Gourmet Pasta Meal from Scratch

Date Night or Friends Evening Out

Fresh pasta, sauces, and wine… you can’t argue with that combination as it has stood the test of time and will always be a fantastic way to spend an evening.  No boxes of dried pasta, no frozen anything.  You’ll learn how easy and more delicious it can be to make your meal from whole foods and elevate them to gourmet status!

This class is an adult only cooking class where you’ll enjoy a couple complimentary glasses of wine, or you can bring your own favorite wine to enjoy as you learn how to create pasta; such as, ravioli, gnocchi, tortellini, linguine and more.

The class will be different based on season, so you can keep coming back! 

  • One time make Spaghetti, Meatballs, Marinara, oven-roasted garlic Crostini, and an Orange-Fennel salad.  
  • Another, Fettuccine Alfredo over Acorn Squash with Seared Sausage.
  • And still another, create Spinach & Cheese Ravioli with Franciase sauce, Portabella “steak” and Garlic Bread. 
  • In the spring enjoy Asparagus & Snow Peas with Almonds and Poached eggs over Spaghetti. 
  • Perhaps the session you come next will be Gnocchi with Pesto served over Bacon Bolognese…the possibilities are endless.

Spread the word and let’s have a pasta party! This session can be attended by vegetarian and carnivorous folks side by side. Chef does need to know in advance what each diet preference is.
Each session includes instructions, complimentary wine, plus the meal. You’ll be able to sit together and dine on your creations and make memories as well! A cooking class AND dinner….perfect fun.

If you are the first to book a session, you have the option to choose the pasta type, or keep it as listed.

$55.00 per single ticket purchase
$46 per ticket if purchasing 3 or more tickets
No online class available

Or, Select Classes by Category

Flambé with Flair

Flambé with Flair

Want to impress someone with a fun and thrilling skill?  This class is for you!  (Ages 21 and over only)

Flambé is the French word for “flamed” or “flaming.  Spend some quality time with as a couple or with a friend learning to finish a dish with flair.  This class starts with a demonstration of how to safely and properly conduct this technique and then participants will prepare a dish in teams of two.  Finish by enjoying the dish you make together.  Feel free to make it a date night by bringing your favorite wine or other beverage.

The dish prepared will vary so you can keep coming just for the time together and the great food.  One time it will be Bananas Foster, another Steak Diane, or Greek Cheese Saganaki (OPA!), perhaps you’ll learn to prepare Cherries Jubilee or a Fish Flambe.  Since the ingredients are different, as are the necessary liquors, the pricing will be determined by the dish.  If you are the first to book the class, it is ok to request a specific dish from those named above.  This a booking that is for 2-person teams.  One booking and ticket price is for two people.

Adult On-Site $50 for one team of two

Not available as an online class

Delicious Demise

Delicious Demise Events

From October through May, we offer a special Murder Mystery event.   Cocktail party buffet style, participants learn about cultural food differences and experience dishes that are authentic to the country or place the theme is based on.  For example, one that was held in “London” had participants discovering bangers and mash, scotch eggs, and bacon butties.  You get food discovery, eats, and a DEMISE!    You will be emailed more about the event prior to arrival, including your role assignment and costume suggestions.  The mystery activities last from 5 pm until around 8 pm on Saturday, with dinner served as a buffet, cocktail style.  All are different, keep coming back for the next one!  We need a minimum of 6 to make this fun.   Adult themed.  Not suitable for under 17 years of age.  Not fully suitable for special diets (some foods are naturally gluten free or vegetarian, and these are present but no separate dishes can be prepared.)  For details on a specific date’s theme, please call or email.  231-740-4065 or ICan@artcookery.com  Additionally, you can request a big or small role.  If the main (necessary roles) are filled, you can request no role, just come as an investigator to help solve the murder and enjoy eats.  We reserve the right to change themes to adjust for group size.  The murder mystery begins promptly at 5 pm and last until over, usually 7:30 or 8 pm.


Adult $40

Not Suitable for minors.

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner for Families in under 30 Minutes

Remember the old-fashioned Chicken Sunday dinners that everyone sat at the table and enjoyed together?  But you have a busy household and have very little time to cook a delicious and nutritious meal?  Just getting into cooking for yourselves instead of restaraunt and take-out?  Need some basic cooking skills?  Seeking to save money and grocery budget is kinda low?  Any or all of the above….this class is for you.  In under 30 minutes from start to finish, you will make a full meal that kids and adults will all enjoy.  Then, dine on it all while learning some tips for adjusting the meal to your unique tastes.  Learn sauté, bake, gravy thickening, seasoning, and plating techniques.  Together, participants in this session will make Sweet and Sour Chicken, Almond Rice, Stuffed Avocados, and Apple Cinnamon Turnovers.

$34.00 per person or $62 per couple

Adult: $34

Couple: $62

Pot Roast and Soups

Pot Roast and Soups

Maybe you know how to make pot roast but it turns out dry and not company worthy.  Perhaps you want to make a Sunday dinner but have never made pot roast and it is a bit daunting.  Come to this class and together make a traditional pot roast, complete with potatoes, carrots, and gravy.  While that is cooking, discover two different types of soups, German Potato and Chili.  Everything is made from scratch and we aren’t opening boxes, cans, or bags of anything.  See how easy this type of cooking can be…and how pleasing.  Divide up what was made and take it home for dinner!

On-Site – $55

On-Line – $40