Crazy Cooking Dinner Challenge

Crazy Cooking – Dinner Challenge

Great fun whether you are already a good cook, or just learning!
This crazy fun session is about creating a fantastic meal from random ingredients and no recipes!  You’ll be competing with others and cooking way it was done in days long gone. There was no quick trip to the grocery store for ingredients for that one recipe, meals were prepared based on what was available. Participants will be divided into teams of two and challenged to make a specific dish (Salad/Soup, Main, Side, Dessert) Valerie will work with participants on how to select salty, crunchy, sweet, acidic…etc. to enhance flavors. Each dish has a mystery basket with four ingredients that must be used. Learn how to decide to pair foods. And learn some neat kitchen tricks too!

Everyone sits down to dine together on their unique and flavorful meal and voting anonymously on the best dish. Enjoy food, fun, and new friends. This is great for anyone from singles, to date night, to friends, to Mom & daughters, to co-workers. Participants are welcome to bring a bottle of wine to enjoy if they wish. A minimum of 4 participants needed to run this session and it only costs $49! Think of that…you are getting a full hearty and delicious meal AND a cooking class.

Pre-registration necessary! Call or email to register.
Limited to first 8 Registrants. Must have a minimum of 4 to run the session.


Adult On-Site $49