Traditional Bread and Butter

Traditional Bread Baking/Butter Churning Combo

You don’t need a bread machine!


Bread baking is soul therapy. Make a beautifully soft white bread in the traditional ways. Be surprised that it is almost the same amount of on-hand time as bread machine baking, just minutes extra … and oh so much more satisfying.

While the bread is rising, CHURN BUTTER! Awesome. 

Bring home your own loaf and some fresh churned butter to serve with it. You may be mistaken for June Cleaver (who?)

The butter churning process is quite simple but does really have more steps than the unfinished butter your kids made by shaking the cartons, there actually is more to it and some great science.

Adult On-Site $29

Adult Online $24

Sourdough Bread Start(er) to Finish

“If you really want to make a friend, go round someone’s house with a freshly baked loaf of sourdough bread!”
― Chris Geiger

Enjoy a little biology and chemistry while learning how to start your own sourdough “mother” and then continue learning the full process of breadmaking using the starter.

This class covers both gluten free and wheat breads.  PLEASE MAKE SURE TO INDICATE YOU DESIRE GF INSTRUCTION.

Our ancestors didn’t open a little envelope of yeast to make bread.  They made it using their own cultures. 

This class focuses on making bread without commercial yeast.  You can do this easily at home also. In this session, assemble the sourdough mother. Learn how to finish it in just a few minutes a day. It takes about a week of daily attention. Enjoy nibbling on sourdough bread, making friends and good times, and great artisan learning.

Bring a mason jar and ring or other container (up to 2 quarts), to take home your newly born starter.  You’ll also bring home a loaf of bread (as well as a new skill and recipe) home to enjoy.

Adult On-Site $40

Sourdough Bread – Not the Starter

Sourdough bread is another artisan skill.

So, you have a good sourdough starter, but do you know how to make bread from it with no added commercial yeast and with literally just minutes of active attention?

Chef Valerie has worked on this artisan bread technique for years and is still excited and amazed by it. 

Learn technique for making bread easily and without commercial yeast.  You can repeat this at home and be a hero to your friends and guests.  Best part?  You can keep the dough “at the ready” for baking when you want.  This is the follow-up session to Sourdough Starter.  

Adult On-Site $25

Adult Online $20


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I Have a Dutch Oven…What Can I Do With it?

I Have a Dutch Oven – What do I cook with it?

Do you have a Dutch Oven?  Do you know what one is?  If you only have one pot in your kitchen, the versatile Dutch Oven is the one to have.  Participants will learn how to bake bread, braise meat, bake a skillet cookie, and fry chicken.  WHEW.  Yes.  You can do this and so much more.  Ideally your Dutch Oven will be cast iron, but less durable ones work too.

Adult On-Site $55

Adult Online $45