Cooking Class Registration

Registration is varied.  Register to attend via Skype if you cannot be physically present!  You will be sent a list of materials to have ready prior to class.  $5 less than listed price.  Contact by phone or email to register.

Upon registration and paying online, there is a small fee charged by the class registration company. If you prefer not to register online, please call or email to register.  You can pay by cash in person, or check via mail. This option is viable when paid 14 days in advance.  You can also call to register via credit card over the phone.  Just call and give number.  The card won’t be charged, it’ll just hold your space in the class.  Choose to swipe a different one or pay cash upon arrival.


Learn how to make decadent cherry pistachio biscotti. Biscotti literally means twice cooked and we will be doing just that to make a tasty treat. Love this experience and wonder why you ever bought something you could make so well yourself!



Crazy Cooking – Dinner Challenge

Great fun whether you are already a good cook, or just learning!Cooking Challenge (3)
This crazy fun session is about creating a fantastic meal from random ingredients and no recipes!  You’ll be competing with others and cooking way it was done in days long gone. There was no quick trip to the grocery store for ingredients for that one recipe, meals were prepared based on what was available. Participants will be divided into teams of two and challenged to make a specific dish (Salad/Soup, Main, Side, Dessert) Valerie will work with participants on how to select salty, crunchy, sweet, acidic…etc. to enhance flavors. Each dish has a mystery basket with four ingredients that must be used. Learn how to decide to pair foods. And learn some neat kitchen tricks too!

Everyone sits down to dine together on their unique and flavorful meal and voting anonymously on the best dish. Enjoy food, fun, and new friends. This is great for anyone from singles, to date night, to friends, to Mom & daughters, to co-workers. Participants are welcome to bring a bottle of wine to enjoy if they wish. A minimum of 4 participants needed to run this session and it only costs $49! Think of that…you are getting a full hearty and delicious meal AND a cooking class.

Pre-registration necessary! Call or email to register.
Limited to first 8 Registrants. Must have a minimum of 4 to run the session.


CRAZY Cooking – Dinner Challenge

Delicious Demise Events

From October through May, we offer a special Murder Mystery event.   Cocktail party buffet style, participants learn about cultural food differences and experience dishes that are authentic to the country or place the theme is based on.  For example, one that was held in “London” had participants discovering bangers and mash, scotch eggs, and bacon butties.  You get food discovery, eats, and a DEMISE!    You will be emailed more about the event prior to arrival, including your role assignment and costume suggestions.  The mystery activities last from 5 pm until around 8 pm on Saturday, with dinner served as a buffet, cocktail style.  All are different, keep coming back for the next one!  We need a minimum of 6 to make this fun.   Adult themed.  Not suitable for under 17 years of age.  Not fully suitable for special diets (some foods are naturally gluten free or vegetarian, and these are present but no separate dishes can be prepared.)  For details on a specific date’s theme, please call or email.  231-740-4065 or  Additionally, you can request a big or small role.  If the main (necessary roles) are filled, you can request no role, just come as an investigator to help solve the murder and enjoy eats.  We reserve the right to change themes to adjust for group size.  The murder mystery begins promptly at 5 pm and last until over, usually 7:30 or 8 pm.


October 19, 2019 – November 2, 2019 – December 7, 2019

January 4, 2020 – February 1, 2020 – March 28, 2020

April 4, 2020 – May 2, 2020

$45 per person.  $35 pp if staying in our Airbnb room.

Delicious Demise Event

Old Fashioned DonutsDoughnuts

History suggests that donuts (aka doughnuts) are a true American creation. Dating to the 1800s this pastry with a hole has developed over time into many varieties. In this session, learn the basics of making donuts and of course, make and eat donuts!  We will using a deep fryer so long sleeves would be in order.

Children 10 -16 $26

Adults $23.00

Old Fashioned Doughnuts

Gluten Free Vegan Donuts

Make doughnuts so good and light no one would believe they are vegan and gluten free! You will learn baked and fried methods.

Children 10 -16 $26

Adults $23.00

Gluten Free Vegan Doughnuts


Curious how to ferment?
Let’s discover how while making a sauerkraut ferment. Bring your own 1 gallon crock or bucket. We’ll explore tools used in fermenting. Next, learn how to care for it and some of the options to store it long term. Discover how you can substitute other vegetables or add other flavors.  Call if you have any questions!


How To Series – Show Me How To….

Make Gravy

Do you skip making the gravy from scratch for that holiday meal because it is lumpy, too salty, runny, too thick, etc?  You are not alone.  Millions of jars/cans/envelopes of gravy are sold in the US each year.  Yet, it is truly easy to make flawless gravy at home, in minutes.  It is one of the best ways to remove extra additives you can’t even pronounce and salt from your food.  Learn to make two popular styles of gravy.  White Gravy (think sausage gravy and biscuits) and classic Brown Gravy.  We will be mastering how to make a roux as the base, and then the gravy in this session.


Great Gravy

Make Pate a Choux

Pate a Choux is a unique dough that is the base for cream puffs, eclairs, beignets, churros, and many other pastries.  Once the technique for making the dough is mastered, the pastries are a breeze and impressive to serve.  In this session, learn to make this unique cooked dough; and, finish by experiencing how easy cream puffs are to make with it!


Pate a Choux Pastry

Churn Butter and make Whipped Cream

WOW your friends and family, serve them your own homemade butter!  Believe it or not, shaking a carton or jar of cream doesn’t actually result in finished butter.  Learn the full process of making finished, stable butter without additives.  Discover tips and tricks to making it quicker and how to keep it fresh.  Also learn how to make your own whipped cream and never buy a tub of that frozen stuff again!


Butter Churning

Create Pie Pastry

Join this pastry session that’ll make you famous. Truly learn that it is easy to get rid of store crusts and be your own pie maker.  There are some great tips in this session.  Learn how to make ahead and store the pastries for quick creation of a beautiful pie.

Baking Perfect Pies I


Perfect that Pie

This is part two of Baking Perfect Pies.  In this session, you’ll learn ratios and tips to create your own pie recipe from any fruit.  Learn the tips and tricks of making a fantastic pie from one of Michigan’s top 10 pie bakers.  You’ll also learn tips for putting it all together for a beautiful presentation, as well as for baking your tasty creation. Discover key actions that help a pie turn out well. Take your baked pie home!

Baking Perfect Pies II


Gain Knife SkillsKnife Skills (1)

Proper Knife skills are the single most important skill in the kitchen.  They prevent accidents, make kitchen time more efficient, and produce consistent quality.  This session if a great way to hone your knife skills.  Learn technique and to care for your knife.  Learn how to use the right knife for a task.  Discover which knives you need and when to use them for different tasks.  You will be slicing and dicing veggies while learning.  See how to efficiently dice an onion, julienne carrots, etc.  Make a dip and nibble on your work!


Knife Skills

Create a Beautiful Charcuterie BoardCharcuterie (1)

Have you ever been impressed by a beautifully presented charcuterie board? Learn some tips and tricks to making one for your next gathering.  The term charcuterie typically indicates using cooked/smoked meats and pate along with cheeses and other options but learn how you can make vegetarian and other types of boards that are spectacular.  Participants in this session will create a full board and then dine on its deliciousness while learning variations to make it their own style.


How to Create a Charcuterie Board

Discover the Art of Pasta

Want to learn how to make pasta from scratch?  Learn the fundamentals of making pasta from scratch from Chef Valerie Hanson.  It is truly quite easy with some tips and tricks.  Considering buying a pasta roller/cutter?  Learn to make pasta both by hand & by machine roller.  Make a foundation pasta dough and understand how some variances will produce different qualities of pasta. See how to store it and cook it. Sample your creations and take some home to share.  Bring an adult beverage if desired.  In this workshop, participants will be making fettuccini.
Book online using the link below, or call/text 231-740-4065…or email



Sourdough Starter

Sourdough bread is a fantastic artisan skill.
Enjoy a little biology and chemistry while learning how to start your own sourdough “mother”. This starter can be used to make bread with or (if you are a purist) without commercial yeast. At Art of Cookery our sourdough bread contains ZERO commercial yeast. You can do this easily at home also. In this session, assemble the sourdough mother. Learn how to finish it in just a few minutes a day. It takes about a week of daily attention. Enjoy sourdough bread and good times, great artisan learning. Bring a mason jar or other container (up to 2 quarts, and then, register to attend the next session Sourdough Bread to learn how to use your starter.  You can do this as a gluten free option as well.  Be sure to indicate GF at registration.


Sourdough Starter

Instant Pot (Electric Pressure Cooker) Cooking

Learn to ROCK your POT!  Interested in getting an electric pressure cooker but curious if it is for you?  Have one but are a bit afraid of it?  Just want to enjoy cooking a meal your family will love easily?  Come for this session and cook an entire meal using the pressure cooker.  Bring friends/family…make friends and good food!  Together, participants will make Sweet and Sour Cabbage, Mac and Cheese, Meatballs with Cilantro Pesto, and Chai Rice Pudding.  This meal also can be entirely gluten free (swapping out the regular macaroni for GF) and nutritious.  You will learn how to make all of these dishes in about and hour AND learn different functions of your pot.  After making the dishes, sit down and enjoy the meal!  Feel free to bring a beverage of choice to enjoy.

$37.00 per person or $69 per couple

Instant Pot Cooking

Jam Session

Trust us, you’ll go home with a fantastic flavored jam with many uses.
Enjoy the Bygone Basics heritage kitchen while learning to make jam using fresh fruit. It also makes great gifts. Students divide up the jam made and take home their jars.  Flavors depend on the season.  Bring home summer in a jar!


Jam Session

Keep It Clean! Soap Making

Learn to make soap filled with interesting natural ingredients.
We will be using the original heritage soapmaking ingredient, lye. This is not melting glycerine and pouring into shaped molds, this IS true soapmaking. Learn how to adjust ingredients for your tastes. For example: Ground cloves and coffee make a fantastic kitchen/garden bar for the scent and scrubbing factors; and using honey and oatmeal work together for a wonderful complexion bar. Each guest takes a mold (about 6 bars) of soap with them and full instructions on how to make it again.

Keep It Clean! Soap Making

Kids:  Young Chef Cooking Series

Designed for young people, aged 10 to 16.
This series of classes is designed for young people who are interested in engaging in a deeper understanding of food mastery.  Skills learned are Food Safety, Basic Culinary Skills, Basic Knife Skills, Kitchen Etiquette, and Self-Esteem.  Students do not need to register for all the classes at the same time.  But they must complete them in order of the series.  There is a special price break for registering for the whole series.  If using the price break, the sessions must be in a row.  Each session 1 through 4 is $40, session 5 is $55 – Register for all five:  $195

This four session series:

  1. Knife Skills and Food and Kitchen Safety: To provide a sound foundation for future lessons, students will learn safe use of a stovetop, basic kitchen conduct, terminology, and knife skills. Foods made in this session will be filled celery, carrot sticks, deviled eggs, and applesauce.

Kids: Young Chef Series, session 1-Knife Skills & Food/Kitchen Safety

2.  Introduction to Baking and Pan Frying: This session lightly engages the students in foundation skills for baking (proper way to measure, how to crack eggs, not overworking certain doughs) and for pan frying (how to properly heat the pan, adding oil, when to flip, safety). Foods made in this session are muffins and a fun breakfast food called “Toads in a Hole.”

Kids: Young Chef Series, session 2-Introduction to Baking and Pan Frying

3.  Food Safety and Pastry: Students will learn to avoid contamination of foodborn illness. Additionally, they will learn more delicate baking methods. Foods made in this session are mini-meat loaves, pan frying chicken medallions, and making a tart pastry.

Kids: Young Chef Series, session 3-Food Safety and Pastry

4.  More advanced Knife Skills and Fruit/Vegetables: Peeling potatoes and cubing them, peeling apples and slicing them are part of this session. As is making a basic vinaigrette. Foods made in this session are Roasted Vegetables, Mashed Potatoes, and Apple Tart.

Kids: Young Chef Series, session 4-More advanced Knife Skills and Fruit/Vegetables

The fifth session:

5.  Young Chef Skills Demonstration: In this fifth and final session. Students will be planning and making a full meal that demonstrates their progressive learning over the previous 4 young chef sessions. One adult per student has the option to join the class at the end and dinner is served!

Kids: Young Chef Series, session 5-Young Chef Skills Demonstration

$45.00 – $65.00

Kids:  Young Chef Cooking Challenge

Designed for young people, aged 12 to 17.
This session is about cooking at a higher level while having fun and feeling comfortable in the kitchen… creating a good meal from random ingredients, the way it was done in days long gone. There was no quick trip to the grocery store for ingredients for that one recipe, meals were prepared based on what was available.  This is a competition that will be judged by Valerie.  Judging is based on these criteria:  Overall meal plan, Competent kitchen skills, Final Results (taste/cohesive foods).  Prize is an award certificate and a hand-burned special wooden spoon.

Participants will be making various dishes for a meal of their own design, and along the way, demonstrating their kitchen skills, like knives, measuring properly and how to select salty, crunchy, sweet, acidic…etc to enhance flavors.  Valerie guides and assists to ensure the best outcomes and gives tips for skills enhancement.

Everyone sits down to dine together on their unique and flavorful meal. One parent/guardian can join the ending dinner for additional $15. Enjoy food, fun, and new friends. A minimum of 4 participants needed to run this session and it only costs $49! Think of that…your child is getting some great kitchen skills, and interesting and memorable experience, a full hearty and delicious meal.


Kids: Young Chef Cooking Challenge

Kids Cooking Challenge Adult Meal Attendance

Do you have a “young chef” in our Kids Cooking Challenge?
Consider attending the meal at the end. It is always so nice to see our proud young chefs tell about what they prepared and learned while serving it to their “guests.”


Kids Cooking Challenge Adult Meal Attendance

Kids Foodie Bootcamp

Does your child have an interest in food and/or becoming a chef but has a busy schedule?
This day long course will cover the topics in our five week Young Chef Series but all in one day.  They will begin with kitchen safety and knife skills and end by sitting down to a full meal they prepared.  They will experience hands-on baking, frying, sautéing, proper measuring, and more.


Kids Foodie Bootcamp


Fermented with a living colony of bacteria and yeast (called a SCOBY), Kombucha is a probiotic beverage with benefits such as improved digestion, fighting candida overgrowth, mental clarity, and mood stability. Learn how to make it & how to care for your new SCOBY.  (SCOBY provided to take home).



Pasta: Ravioli

Learn to make a flour blend for pasta dough. Then, make delicious ravioli & see how easy it will be to duplicate in your kitchen. Explore adapting fillings to your tastes & different seasons. Take your pasta home for dinner!

Pasta: Ravioli

Pasta and Sauces

Fresh pasta and sauces… Learn these and become a food hero to those you feed. You can bring your own favorite wine to enjoy as you learn how to make pasta, create ravioli, gnocchi, tortellini, linguini and more.  The class will be different each time, so you can keep coming back!  One time make egg noodles and ravioli; the next Linguini and gnocchi, anther time it’ll be fettuccini and tortellini.  If you are the first to book this class, you can request specific pastas. Spread the word and let’s have a pasta party!

Each session includes instructions and samples, plus leftovers to take back home.  You will make two types of pasta and two sauces…AND see how easy it is to make again in your kitchen!

$38 or $30 each if booking 3 or more

Pasta and Sauces

Pasta and Pinot

Fresh pasta, sauces, and wine… you can’t argue with that combination as it has stood the test of time and will always be a fantastic way to spend an evening. This class is an adult only cooking class where you’ll enjoy a couple complimentary glasses of wine, or you can bring your own favorite wine to enjoy as you learn how to hand roll pasta, create ravioli, gnocchi, tortellini, linguini and more.  The class will be different based on season, so you can keep coming back!  One time make Fettucine Alfredo over Acorn Squash with Seared Sausage and another create Four Cheese Ravioli with Marina and Meatballs and Garlic Bread.  In the spring enjoy Asparagus & Snow Peas with Almonds and Poached eggs over Spaghetti.  Perhaps the session you come next will be Gnocchi with Pesto served over Bacon Bolognese…the possibilities are endless. This is the perfect class for a group of friends but please make sure that if you are going to be drinking wine, you also have a suitable driver to take you home! We will also be making some traditional sauces and then, enjoying a dinner of it all. Spread the word and let’s have a pasta party!  This session can be attended by vegetarian, vegan and carnivorous folks side by side.  Chef does need to know in advance what each diet preference is.

Each session includes instructions, complimentary wine, plus the meal.  You’ll all be able to sit together and sample your pasta creations and make memories as well!  A cooking class AND dinner….perfect fun.

If you are the first to book a session, you have the option to choose the pasta type, or keep it as listed.

$45.00  ($40 if guests staying at the airbnb)

Pasta and Pinot

Pickled Asparagus

Learn to make this zippy regional delicacy!
Pickled asparagus is perfect in bloody marys, on hot dogs and sandwiches, diced into salads, and is sure to impress by itself on a deli tray!  Gain water bath canning skills too!  This session is only offered in May and June when asparagus is in season.

8 person maximum

Pickled Asparagus

Pie Perfection

Want to learn how to make a great pie from scratch?
Does pie making challenge you? Valerie says it shouldn’t, and she should know, she was recently named one of the top 6 Pie Makers in Michigan! Join us for a pastry session that will make you famous. Learn to make pie crusts and follow it up with baking a tasty pie using in-season fruit. You’ll take your pie home to enjoy (and brag about)! Truly with a few good tips it is easy to get rid of store-bought and be the pie maker that is famous in your family. Bring your beverage of choice if you wish.

6 person maximum

Pie Perfection

Pumpkin Pie Perfection

Get ready for the taste of Autumn and the holidays with pumpkin pie!

Is it Autumn?  Learn to make a fabulous pumpkin pie, from a real PUMPKIN.
There truly is a difference in flavor when making a pumpkin pie from natural ingredients…and we mean the pumpkin too.  You’ll learn how to easily make a pumpkin pie by opening ZERO cans of anything.  You’ll start by seeing how easy it is to roast your own pumpkin, then, make the pastry and learn tips for keeping it from getting soggy under the wet custard.  Next, make the pie filling using items you normally have on hand, as well as learn a few ways to adapt it to your tastes and bring it to another level.  Finally, bake pie!  Bring your pie home with you.  Bring your beverage of choice if you wish.
6 person maximum
$35.00 per person, $25 for the 2nd person in a team making one pie.
Pumpkin Pie Perfection

Pierogi Paradise20190924_163622

Pierogi are essentially filled dumplings that are boiled and then often fried.  They hail from central and eastern Europe.  Homemade pierogi are a traditional Christmas Eve food in many homes.  But these delicious little gems shouldn’t be limited to one day of the year and can be adjusted in both fillings and sauces to every season.  They freeze well and make great last minute meals.  Come and learn this wonderful food that can be both savory and sweet.  While potatoes are often the main filling they can be switched up to suit your fancy.  Discover how to adjust their flavors.  Make pierogi as part of this class and take home some for dinner.

Pierogi Paradise

Pressure Canning…Like a BOSS

Yes we CAN!
Rock your pressure canner!  Learn how to pressure can. It is important to know safe pressure canning and if your canner itself is safe. The product to be canned will be announced as we get closer. Learn the differences between pressure canning and water bath canning and when to use which method. Discover many tips and tricks. Product canned will be dependent on available produce, but results guaranteed wonderful. Make or meet friends! Students divide the results to take home. Feel free to bring your canner for a brief overview of its safety by Valerie.


Pressure Canning


Love to nibble on a nice scone with coffee?
Have guests coming for the weekend? Here is a recipe that is sure to please! Enjoy some “down-time” and relax with friends or come meet new ones while spending time in the Art of Cookery kitchen. You will learn to make Country Scones. Included are great tips and tricks for baking pastries…and scones in particular. Students will divide a couple batches of scones and take home their share plus the recipe.  This recipe is great for adapting to any seasonal fruit, dried fruit, chocolate chips.



Soft Cheeses

Cheesemaking is an age-old artisan skill.
Learn how to use cultures to make your own Sour cream and Mozzarella cheese. At the same time understand some cheese making fundamentals. Discover how to flavor your cheese, as well as how easy and quick it can be made.  Enjoy meeting new friends. Bring cheese home.


Soft Cheeses

Sourdough Bread

Sourdough bread is another artisan skill.

Rye Sourdough

These rustic, no commercial yeast loaves bring you back to yesteryear.

Now that you have a good sourdough starter, learn technique for making bread easily and without commercial yeast.  You can repeat this at home and be a hero to your friends and guests.  Best part?  You can keep the dough “at the ready” for baking when you want.  This is the follow-up session to Sourdough Starter. You can do this as a gluten free option as well. Be sure to indicate GF at registration.


Sourdough Bread

Sourdough Start(er to Finish)

Enjoy a little biology and chemistry while learning how to start your own sourdough “mother” and then continue learning the full process of breadmaking using the starter. Our ancestors didn’t open a little envelope of yeast to make bread.  They made it using their own cultures.  This class focuses on making bread without commercial yeast and on a stone.  You can do this easily at home also. In this session, assemble the sourdough mother. Learn how to finish it in just a few minutes a day. It takes about a week of daily attention. Enjoy nibbling on sourdough bread, making friends and good times, and great artisan learning. Bring a mason jar or other container (up to 2 quarts), and take home your newly born starter and a loaf of bread (as well as a new skill and recipe) home to enjoy. You can do this as a gluten free option as well. Be sure to indicate GF at registration.  But do note that there will also be active wheat flour at a separate station.  Not a good option if you are highly sensitive to airborne flour.


Marble sugar cookies

Marbled Independence Day Cookies

Sourdough Start(er) to Finish

Sugar Cookies with Royal Icing

These cookies are a tasty way to celebrate any holiday…even everyday.  They are easy, non-fussy, and tasty.  In this class with Chef Valerie Hanson, make the sugar cookies, learn tricks to make royal icing easily and how to frost your cookies to look like a pastry chef did it.  Discover ways to change flavors to suit your desired results without loosing the tender cookie quality.  At the end, divide up the cookies and take them home…or eat them immediately.  You won’t be able to resist!


Sugar Cookies with Royal Icing

Sweet Pickled Beets

Yes…Pickled Beets.
Pretty as a stained glass window on your shelves. This cinnamon, sweet red bit of deliciousness converts many folks who think they don’t like beets. It too is great right out of the jar or on salads, and sandwiches….and of course is a great dash of color on a plate set to impress. Take home a jar of beets, a new culinary skill, recipe, and great memories….Not to mention some pickling skills from a professional!

Chef Valerie Hanson has been canning for over 30 years and is certified by the USDA via Michigan State University’s “Better Process Control School” in both Acidified and Low Acid Food Processing.


Sweet Pickled Beets

Bygone Basics - BreadsTraditional Bread Baking/Butter Churning Combo

You don’t need a bread machine!
Bread baking is soul therapy. Make a beautifully soft white bread in the traditional ways. Be surprised that it is almost the same amount of on-hand time as bread machine baking, just minutes extra … and oh so much more satisfying. While the bread is rising, CHURN BUTTER! Awesome. Bring home your own loaf and some fresh churned butter to serve with it. You may be mistaken for June Cleaver. The butter churning process is quite simple but does really have more steps than the unfinished butter your kids made by shaking the cartons, there actually is more to it and some great science.


Traditional Bread Baking/Butter Churning Combo 

Venison Canning (and other red meats)

With canned meat on your shelves, you have quick meal prep AND you won’t loose a freezer ful of meat to a power outage.

Ever lose a freezer full of meat?

Want a versatile, shelf stable, and handy food ready to eat?  Have a hunter in the family?  Like to take advantage of a great price on roast?  This class is for you!  Learn how to safely pressure can venison and other meats.  Discover all of the uses for canned meat.  It is pre-cooked and fork tender.  Use it as the meat for pulled ‘pork” sandwiches, toss it into soup for a quick stew.  Stir into gravy for a quick meat and potato meal….the options are endless.  Just can meat and you have instant go-to for a great, quick meal.  At Art of Cookery, a jar of our venison is like gold to us!


Venison (and other Meat) Canning

Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner for Families in under 30 Minutes

Remember the old-fashioned Chicken Sunday dinners that everyone sat at the table and enjoyed together?  But you have a busy household and have very little time to cook a delicious and nutritious meal?  Just getting into cooking for yourselves instead of restaraunt and take-out?  Need some basic cooking skills?  Seeking to save money and grocery budget is kinda low?  Any or all of the above….this class is for you.  In under 30 minutes from start to finish, you will make a full meal that kids and adults will all enjoy.  Then, dine on it all while learning some tips for adjusting the meal to your unique tastes.  Learn sauté, bake, gravy thickening, seasoning, and plating techniques.  Together, participants in this session will make Sweet and Sour Chicken, Almond Rice, Stuffed Avocados, and Apple cinnamon Turnovers.

$34.00 per person or $62 per couple

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

Yaki Udon (Happens to also be Vegan)

Have a wok?  Want to learn to use it properly?  Join us for this tasty session making a Japanese heritage dish.   Yaki Udon are smooth noodles eaten with sauce, & vegetables, (Occasionally meat) normally in a dish using a wok for cooking.    As a group the class will be making the noodles from scratch, creating the sauce, and putting the whole dish together using a wok.  Great way to “wok” into Asian cooking.  The resulting dish will be divided up and sent home with participants.  Incidentally, this is a fully Vegan session.

$35.00 per person or $64 per couple

Yaki Udon

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