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Classes now available:

Online Classes via Skype!  Attend most classes while staying in your kitchen.  See Cooking Class Registration page for details.

These are not “cookie cutter” cooking workshops. A visit to Art of Cookery is an experience, a hands-on adventure into food. This is not an observation session where you sit around watching someone else demonstrate. 

We invite you to make memories, eat great food and gain tips and skills you really can use!  Check out our Facebook page for current information and photo tours of different sessions.

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Our Values: Pure. Simple. Natural. Delicious. The results: High quality, healthy Farm-to-Table goodness via learning useful kitchen skills and great tips for time reduction and enhancing an outcome! (Not to mention melt your knees yummy!)

If you see something on the calendar below marked “Private” it means someone else has reserved that spot for their group only, making that time slot not available for you to attend, unless you are a member of that specific group.

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8 thoughts on “Art of Cookery Classes Schedule

  1. Shawn m McFall

    I was trying to find out the price of your soap making class and it sent me to this page. There are not any ticket prices on here. Please let me know. BTW I would like to share and show a recipe for scones that my gram used to make. She came from Edinburgh, Scotland and her’s were not like the ones everyone sees. They are flat and made on a griddle or electric fry pan. I love what you are doing and would like to attend some classes.

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