Youngest Chef Series Session 5 Ages 6-10

Designed for young people, aged 6 to 10.

This series of classes is designed for the youngest chefs who are interested in entering the world of cooking food.  This is a five-session series with each lasting 1 1/2 hours.  The classes must be taken in order, but do not need to be week to week.  Your young chef can experience session 1 this summer, session 2 the next time the series is offered, etc.

Session 5:  More Stove Top and Knife Skills: 

The final Youngest Chef session is a type of reminder course, advancing their skills.  Students will be using stove top, handling meat, prepping vegetables with knives, and understanding the term “mise en place” when it comes to planning a cooking session.

Using these skills, they will be making a Taco bar for lunch.

Students aged 6-10: $55