Young Chef Cooking Challenge (ages 13-17)

Kids:  Young Chef Cooking Challenge

Designed for young people, aged 13 to 17.
This session is about cooking at a higher level while having fun and feeling comfortable in the kitchen… creating a good meal from random ingredients, the way it was done in days long gone. There was no quick trip to the grocery store for ingredients for that one recipe, meals were prepared based on what was available. 

This is a competition that will be judged by Chef Valerie.  Judging is based on these criteria:  Overall meal plan, Competent kitchen skills, Final Results (taste/cohesive foods). 

Prize is a $25 gift certificate toward a future class and an award certificate.

Participants will be making various dishes for a meal of their own design, and along the way, demonstrating their kitchen skills, like knives, measuring properly and how to select salty, crunchy, sweet, acidic…etc. to enhance flavors.  Valerie guides and assists to ensure the best outcomes and gives tips for skills enhancement.

Each participant will be making an appetizer, a main entrée, and a dessert.  They will need to make 3 of each round, one for judging, and two for themselves and their adult guest (if there is one).

Everyone sits down to dine together on their unique and flavorful meal. One parent/guardian can join the ending dinner for additional $18. Enjoy food, fun, and new friends. A minimum of 3 participants needed to run this session and it only costs $53! Think of that…your teen is getting some great kitchen skills, and interesting and memorable experience, a full hearty and delicious meal.

Student aged 13-17:  $53

Adult attending meal: $18