Kids’ Foodie Bootcamp

Kids’ Foodie Bootcamp Day long event

Designed for young people, aged 11 to 15.
This daylong is designed for young people who are interested in engaging in a deeper understanding of food mastery.  Skills learned are Food Safety, Basic and Intermediate Culinary Skills, Basic Knife Skills, Kitchen Etiquette, and Self-Esteem.  

Topics covered as the day (and their skills) progress:

  1. Knife Skills and Food and Kitchen Safety: To provide a sound foundation for future lessons, students will learn safe use of a stovetop, basic kitchen conduct, terminology, and knife skills.
  2. Introduction to Baking and Pan Frying: Lightly engages the students in foundation skills for baking (proper way to measure, how to crack eggs, not overworking certain doughs) and for pan frying (how to properly heat the pan, adding oil, when to flip, safety).
  3. Food Safety and Pastry: Students learn to avoid contamination of foodborne illness. Additionally, they learn more delicate baking methods.
  4. More advanced Knife Skills and Fruit/Vegetables: Peeling potatoes and cubing them, peeling apples and slicing them are part of this session. As is making a basic vinaigrette.
  5. Young Chef Skills Demonstration: In this fifth and final session. Students will be planning and making a full meal that demonstrates their progressive learning throughout the day. One adult per student has the option to join the class ($15 for this ticket) at the end and dinner is served!

Use the Book Now button below to book this daylong bootcamp that is from 9:30 am to 4:30 pm, with any participating adults arriving for the end of the day meal prepared by their young chefs at 4:00 pm.  Alternatively go back to the Kid’s Cooking Class main page to select specific shorter courses.

Kids aged 11-15: $195

Adult attending day’s end meal: $15