Soapmaking 101

Keep It Clean! Soap Making 101

Learn to make soap filled with interesting natural ingredients.
Using the original heritage soapmaking ingredient, lye, learn to make your own soap.

This is not melting glycerin and pouring into shaped molds, this IS true soapmaking. Learn how to adjust ingredients for your needs. For example: Ground cloves and coffee make a fantastic kitchen/garden bar for the scent and scrubbing factors; and using honey and oatmeal work together for a wonderful complexion bar.  Don’t like scented things?  Don’t add any!  These wonderfully artisan hand made soaps make fabulous gifts!

Each guest takes a mold (about 4-6 bars depending on how they are cut) of soap with them and full instructions on how to make it again.

You will be using Chef Valerie’s foundation “recipe” and adapting it.  Be sure to sign up for Soapmaking 102 to learn how to create your own foundation recipe.

Adult $45

Child (age 10-17 with an adult) $48