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Art of Cookery Cooking School is not a “cookie cutter” cooking class. This is an experience, a hands-on adventure into history through culinary and lifestyle activities. This is not an observation session where you sit around watching someone else demonstrate gourmet foods you may never go home and recreate.  Class participants are hands on and have FUN!

Re-live an era when things were simpler, foods were natural, saving pennies was important (eating great food…dining IN), and people knew what was on their plate.

Discover the simple pleasures of great food from scratch and farm-to-table.


In a cute 1917 Bungalow home, Chef Valerie Hanson, opens the door of great foods cooking and food preservation to you. 

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Art of Cookery: Roasted Chicken over garlic smashed potatoes with cherry tomato sauc

Learn the lost (almost) culinary arts of “putting food by” and the food artisan skills of pressure and water bath canning, fermenting, making meals from scratch, baking and cooking from whole foods, cheese-making, sourdough bread artistry, discovering new kitchen tools (such as the Instant Pot), jam/jelly making, and soap making. We invite you to make memories, eat great food and gain skills you really can use!


Peruse our site and register today for YOUR unique cooking class or other experiential session.  As a result of years of experience, there are a lot of options from our premium private experiences that are tailored to you or our general sessions that are prescheduled.  You can even request a special interest session that isn’t a topic already listed!

All classes listed on the calendar page are open for registration. But if you are interested in one that doesn’t fit your schedule, because we try to be flexible, contact us.  We may be able to add one for you.  If you prefer a different payment method, just contact us with your registration information.

Also a great cooking vacation! There is no better way to see the character and flavor of an area than through experiencing its food and heritage. Call or text us at 231-740-4065 or email us for more school
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